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Art-Deco styled apartments in Albufeira, Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Photo by Allard Schager

OK so this is picture is fabulous

OK so this is picture is fabulous

like i literally don’t think i’d be able to survive seeing this group of pups at once… i’d die right on the spot.

Diamonds, 2013.
Beata Chrzanowska

Pies N Cries

Can I just share the utter foolishness that someone called “soul food” in Brooklyn!? Who said this was okay? This girl I work with told me to go there. This bitch was raving about their chicken. I go there stoned as fuck, prepared to be mind blown..and not only did my server get my order wrong at first and was hesitant to take it back, the food was bland as hell. It’s literally for white people who have never had soul food before. I mean, I can go to Hip Hop Fish and Chicken in Baltimore and have better fried chicken than that. The chicken was dry and my mac and cheese was stirred noodles and cheese (how you just not going to bake mac and cheese). I kept eating it thinking that maybe it was just that one piece, or that my altered state was affecting my taste buds?? If anything the food should have tasted better, not worse. Why did I go to a gentrified area and expect to have good soul food?